• Safety
  • One of the most attractive features of induction cooking is its promotion of household safety when compared with traditional gas or electric cooking methods.
  • a. Shatter-Resistant Surface
  • From the internal mechanisms to the exterior, the PIC2 is designed for security and consumer peace of mind. The ceramic glass surface of the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is as sleek as it is durable. Engineering trials including a heat shock test at 760°F produced no breakage after 10 hours of cooking. Rapid cooling tests produced the same results. The NuWave PIC2 holds several patents pending, including one for its cutting edge ventilation system. Other induction cooktops are manufactured with inferior components that increase the risk of breakage or user injury.
  • b. Reduces the Risk of Household Fire
  • Our products are engineered for security and peace of mind. The regular use of the PIC2 renders the risk of a kitchen fire virtually impossible. The NuWave PIC2 facilitates the preparation of perfect foods without the hazards associated with open flames and hot coils. Extreme testing has shown that even a paper or cotton towel placed atop the surface of the NuWave PIC2 will not catch fire. The PIC2 is built with redundant engineering features to further promote safety, including an automatic shutoff feature that makes the unit that much more desirable in homes where pets, children and elderly individuals reside.
  • c. Statistically Insignificant Component Failure Rate
  • Household safety is very important at Hearthware. This is reflected in the quality of every component that goes into assembling a NuWave PIC2. The product boasts a 1 in 1,000 trillion rate for component malfunctions that could lead to a home fire hazard.
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