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BBQ Cast Iron Grill
Price $29.85
Grill indoors or outdoors with this heavy-duty Cast Iron Grill. From Saturday morning breakfast to everyday dinners, this grill is built to last, heating evenly and consistently for the tastiest and healthiest cooking. Made of high quality cast iron with porcelain enamel coating, it prevents food from sticking without any added fats or oils for healthy, low-fat cooking. It has been designed with a slight graduated slope to allow unwanted fats to slowly collect in the Oil Drip Tray. This means that your foods will not re-absorb the fats being cooked out and the food will ultimately taste better and be healthier for you.
Measures 11-inch x 15-inch x 1-inch with a ½-inch depth
Weighs 9.5 lbs
Withstands heats up to 662 degrees F (350 degrees C)
Equipped with its own Oil Drip Tray with capacity of 6.7 ounces (0.2 liters)
Made from high quality cast iron and porcelain enamel coating
Handles are constructed with stainless steel to minimize heat transfer
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Price $29.85
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